Not the Jet Set

I’ve been thinking about Missouri today and thought I’d share this old video from The Hideout a couple years ago which mentions good ole Festus, Missouri. I sort of always wished I wrote that song (Bobby Braddock did). However, I have written some other songs. And I’ll be playing them this Sunday, 10/16 at 7pm at Wishbone North (3300 N Lincoln Ave) in a songwriter’s showcase with Sue Fink and Ryan M Brewer. Come and join us!

Late Night Benediction at the Y’all Come Back Saloon

Alright, Missouri! Doug, Katie, Christian, Jad and myself are packing up the minivans and headed to Lake of the Ozarks. We have a show tomorrow, September 23 at the Shawnee Bluff Vineyard in Eldon supporting the Oak Ridge Boys. We take the stage at 7pm and the Oak Ridge Boys will perform at 8pm. If you still need a ticket, you can get them here. Even before I could spell my own name, I knew the words to “Y’all Come Back Saloon”. I still love everything about that song – the mysterious man known only as “Cowboy”, the tambourine with the silver jingle, the idea of a late night benediction in a bar….and I can’t wait to hear the Oak Ridge Boys sing it. We’ll be in St. Louis the next night at a secret backyard show that you’re all invited to. If you need to RSVP to that one and get the exact address, you can email me at and I’ll get you the information. Looking forward to seeing you in the Show-Me-State!

Secret Show in Lincoln Square

My family and I have been in Amsterdam for 20 days now and it’s been a lovely respite from normal life. Many kilometers logged riding a bike have been at least countered by the number of stroopwafels I’ve consumed. But this morning I headed over to Tyndale Seminary, which is near where we are staying, and they kindly let me borrow one of their chapel guitars to play for a couple hours. So now I’m excited to announce our upcoming backyard show in Lincoln Square on Saturday, August 27. This date marks the 5th year that Rob and Liz Krebs have hosted an annual concert for us. And we’ll be joined by our good friend, Jonas Friddle. Since the location is secret unless you RSVP, here’s a link to do just that. Doors will open at 6pm, with the music beginning at 730p. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Happy Anniversary!

This past Sunday, June 5, marked the 17th wedding anniversary for me and my husband, Chad. I am very happy that we were married and that we are still married. However, much like every other day during 2016, I couldn’t help pausing to look over my life’s work, worrying that since I turn 40 later this year, maybe there isn’t much time to add onto the pile. After all, I’ve been working on writing and recording a new record since Whiskey Halo came out in 2014, and I certainly have no record release dates to promote in this post.

After that, I decided to see what other artists had done with 17ish years – of life, not marriage; none of them were married – and I discovered a Billboard article about the ages of musicians with their first few breakout hits. A synopsis of those songs that I know all the words to:

  1. Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus, age 20
  2. Complicated – Avril Lavigne, age 18
  3. Genie in a Bottle – Christina Aguilera, age 18
  4. Love Story – Taylor Swift, age 16
  5. How Do I Live Without You – LeAnn Rimes, age 15
  6. Royals – Lorde, age 16

But then I thought of my very favorite artist, Merle Haggard, who passed away just two months ago on April 6, his 79th birthday. And I realized that even if I smoke a couple packs of cigarettes a day, by God’s grace, I may still have another 40 years to write and perform. And, hopefully, even longer than that to be married.

Facebook and The Hideout.

I’m excited to play at The Hideout next Friday night, January 22. So excited, in fact, that I didn’t stop myself from sending out a Facebook event invitation. I despise Facebook event invitations, but it’s hard to pass up the hundreds of people who will be notified that you’ve invited them to something. And although many may be so annoyed that they block you (What is it? Unfriend?) and refuse to come to your gig out of spite, Facebook events may just reach that rare person that you’ve not already harassed on Twitter, Instagram or your plain ole Facebook wall. Still need a ticket, you say? Here.

I spent one hour attempting to change the event photo to include both a picture of my band and the band of my special guest, Zach Pietrini. After changing the picture more than 10 times (Thanks to all of you who liked each one in succession!), I gave up. The hour was not a complete waste because I did learn how to create Instagram collages. The final representation of our night at The Hideout consists of an excellent picture of Zach, who is younger and in better shape than I am anyway – enjoy!

At the conclusion of my Facebook event inviting, my 13-year old daughter came through the dining room and, glancing at my laptop, said “Mom, Facebook is for old ladies”. Perfect!

Sisters are Lifesavers

This morning as my daughters headed off to school, mildly annoyed with one another, I was thinking about my sister, Amy, who lives in St. Charles, Missouri. A week and a half ago, Doug and I were driving through Missouri with six shows to play in three days. At the end of this short tour, I would be heading to Appleton City, Missouri, for my sweet Grandpa Lawrence’s funeral. So Doug was riding his Harley and all three of my kids were tagging along in our new, vomit-friendly minivan. Feeling a little guilty that their last weekend of summer break would be spent driving five or six hours a day, playing iPhone games at a music venue for four or five hours before (and during?) each show, and eating Wendy’s from a bag without ketchup, I was glad they would have at least one evening in St. Charles with my sister, her husband, and their cousins. When I got there, my sister looked at us and said “Why don’t the kids just stay with me for the whole weekend? I’ll drive them to meet you at the funeral”.

This, of course, justifies my assertion that sisters are lifesavers. But it gets more literal. The tour ends, the funeral day arrives, we are all reunited. Two minutes before the service began, I was sound-checking my guitar and I hear a commotion coming from our seats – my 4-year old son is choking on a lifesaver. So Amy calmly pulls the Heimlich maneuver out of her bag of tricks, the lifesaver (a red one!) flies across the room, and all is calm for the funeral.

Sometimes I try and remember if my sister and I argued about who was making us late for the bus, or if I was always annoyed that, as the younger sister, she wasn’t disciplined enough. But all I can really remember is how supportive and kind and selfless she is. Oh – and how funny and silly and resilient and pretty.

Note to my little brother, Caleb: I feel very thankful for you, too. Perhaps, if you keep my kids while I’m on tour, I’ll write about it.

SPACE. August 16.

I traded in my minivan. For another minivan. If I have to drive one of these, then I want to be able to simply wipe the vomit off the seats. Seriously – who buys a minivan with cloth seats? (Besides me). This van has a video player in it, and I have been driving around listening to The Sandlot. I wish I could say that I will be debuting a new song about this experience on Sunday night at SPACE, but I cannot. You should come anyway! It’s a great venue attached to a great restaurant, and summer is still in full swing!

Details: Sunday, August 16. 7pm. All Ages. For tickets:

Couple Short Road Trips

Hello August! Doug and I are driving to South Bend, IN this Friday, August 14 to play a couple sets at The Chicory Cafe with South Bend local, Ivory West. The show starts at 8pm, eastern. Then on Sunday, August 16, we will be back as a quartet (Doug, Katie, Christian and me) at the fabulous Evanston venue, SPACE. Our friends from Bellingham, WA, The Scarlet Locomotive will join us. We missed our Giddings Plaza gig because of a rainy day – so expect a few strange covers that we had prepared for that….including a little devilish fiddling from Miss Katie.

And, finally, we drive to Missouri on Friday, 8/21 to do a secret house show in St. Louis (email me at if you’d like to RSVP and get the address), head to Columbia, MO for a house show in Ashland on Saturday night and a Sunday Funday show at Rose Music Hall the next evening. We are also looking forward to joining our friends at The Crossing for worship on Sunday morning, 8/23. Hope to catch you somewhere in the next couple weeks!